Teyi Gabion Baskets Factory has professional workshops, advanced  technology and a complete product quality control system. We set up  quality inspection procedure, equipped with test instruments to  control the quality in several aspects to ensure product reliability.

Teyi Gabions are manufactured from heavy type hexagonal wire netting,  also welded wire mesh panels. Also known as Green Tera Mesh, honeycomb  retaining wall, stone cage, gabions are basicallya metal wire woven  (hexagonal) cage made of hexagonal wire netting. If supplied in the  form of galvanized wire netting, the wire diameter is 2.0mm to 4.0mm;  if supplied in PVC-coated hexagonal wire mesh, the outside diameter of  the wire is 3.0mm to 4.5mm.  The edge line is made with wire that is  thicker than the woven wire.

The experts and engineers like to use gabions because of erosion  control solutions of the hard armor, this means that gabions can 
provide a more robust and stable erosion control protection system  than other options.

For dams or foundation construction, cylindrical metal structures  including gabion products are used. In a military context, earth or 
sand-filled gabions are used to protect artillery crews from enemy fire.

We would like to cooperate with business friends from China and the  world on the basis of mutual benefit, and to establish good business  relationship through sincere collaboration.