Wire Fence for Walls

Ideal for gravity wall structures and slope stabilization, Wire Faced Wall Systems are filled only with compacted soil, not rock. These units can be used in much the same way as gabions for retaining walls or like gabion mattresses to retain soil on slopes but are also perfectly suited to construction of a flush-face vertical structure.

The Wire Faced Wall Systems are available in two standard configurations, "L Units" and "C Units." L Units consist of an anchor or base mesh 18" or 24" in width by 10' in length extending back into the soil wall and a face mesh, also 18" x 10', which is placed at an angle of 90 degrees to the base mesh. Support struts placed on 1.5' centers connect the botton and front panels diagonally.

C Units are similarly constructed from base panels measuring 54" wide by 10' in length and face panels 18" or 24" in width by 10' in length, suppported at an angle of about 90 degrees with struts as described in the L Units. Additionally each lift is capped with another mesh panel 36" wide by 10' in length and a nonwoven geotextile fabric sandwiched between the mesh and the soil fill.

Wire Faced Walls are perfectly suited for use either as temporary structures during other construction operations or as permanent retaining walls. As with our gabions and mattresses, Wire Faced Walls will revegetate spontaneously; they may be seeded or planted with desirable species; or faced with our exclusive Ragazzo Blocks.

Modular Gabion Systems Wire Faced Walls offer significant advantages over competitive products as welded wire holds its shape and does not bulge. Our spiral binders allow even pre-assembled wire wall units to be shipped flat. This saves space and reduces associated freight costs.

As with any construction project, the site must be properly prepared and care must be taken to ensure that the backfill is compacted according to the engineering directives.

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