Earth Anchor Walls Of Gabions

Gabions Baskets and Reno Mattresses offer designers, engineers, contractors and development planners numerous unique advantages for channel lining applications. Gabions Baskets and Reno Mattresses will allow the designer to stabilize the channel base and banks, Predetermine the value of roughness for the channel base and banks, Prevent soil erosion, increase the capacity of the channel, Promote vegetation, Reduce seepage of the channel and most important determine the soil movement under the lining. 

Gabions Baskets and Reno Mattresses are generally placed directly on cut grade soil conditions with little or no foundation preparation prior to placement. A permeable geotextile filter fabric should be placed between the Gabion Baskets or Reno Mattress and the foundation soil. This shall prevent fine soils from leaching through the lining.

Due to the limited foundation preparation required, and given the hydraulic applications Gabions Baskets and Reno Mattresses are typically used, they are subjected to various stresses and must have the ability to settle, twist, and conform to sub surface ground settlement. At the same time the Gabions Baskets and Reno Mattresses must have sufficient strength to contain the weight of the rocks with which they are filled and any additional gabions or reno mattresses that may be placed on them. As well as withstand the impact force of hydraulic flows and soil pressure while maintaining structural integrity.

This combination of flexibility and strength requirements determines that the Gabions and Reno Mattresses used for channel linings must possess a Double Twisted Hexagonal Mesh pattern conforming to ASTM A975-97.

Earth Anchor Walls Of Gabion Baskets