Slope Protection Gabions

Park green Gabion baskets

Gabion baskets and reno mattresses are commonly designed and constructed in a wide variety of configurations to provide long term slope protection solutions.We offer gabion baskets and reno mattress slope protection design solutions that prevents soil erosion and scour, provides bio-engineering opportunities for surface vegetation, and/or stabilizes the slope against lateral earth pressure. The design engineer must consider the existing soil conditions, gradient of slope, applied loads, hydraulic impact, shear, and other factors when choosing the appropriate slope protection solution. As with any Geotechnical solution a complete analysis of the existing slope and soil conditions should be made by a Professional  Engineer to obtain an understanding of the slope and soil parameters.
Advantages of gabion baskets or reno mattress slope protection:
Standard design methods
- Ease of construction
- Low cost
- Easily Vegetated
- Free Draining
- Flexibility
- Durability
- Roughness Coefficient
Slope Angle: 2h:1v or less
Solution: Standard reno or gabion mattress slope protection
Slope width: 3’-36’
Minimum Soil Requirements of existing slope:
Required internal friction angle of soil minimum 26 degrees.