Soils Stabilization Gabions

As described in other sections of the web site gabion baskets structures are built by confining natural stone within individual gabion baskets units which have been mechanically connected together to create a monolithic structure. A layer of geotextile filter fabric is placed between the gabion baskets structure and the retained soil interface to prevent fines and small soil particles from leaching through the stone fill or structure during high flows or draw down providing complete soil retention, and hard armor protection unique to gabion structures.

Once the gabion baskets structure is in place soils are inevitably deposited into the stone fill of the gabion baskets structure resulting from surface drainage of the retained soils and by soils carried in the water flow being deposited into the structure during draw down. The process of soils slowly being deposited into the gabion baskets structure occurs naturally and once the volume of soil within the voids of the stone fill is adequate vegetation begins to take root inundating the structure. Over time the gabion baskets structure becomes naturally fully vegetated reinforcing the overall strength of the gabion baskets structure while providing the advantages of a complete soil retention and hard armor solution while returning the environment back to its natural ecological condition.