Gabion baskets for Jamaica

Galvanized gabion baskets to build a retaining wall for Jamaica and Athens Customers.

We and our customers in Jamaica and Athens, creating a new type of gabion baskets product category, product details are as follows:

15,000  galvanized gabion baskets 2mx1mx1m( double twisted 8x10 wire mesh, fitted with diaphragms, nominal diameter of wire used in the fabrication of the netting shall be .1180 inches( 3.01mm))
3,000 coils # 5 (5.59 mm) gauge galvanized wire
2,000 coils # 8 (4.19mm) gauge galvanized wire
1,500 coils #10 (3.4mm) gauge galvanized wire

198      8 x 10cm Custom Gabion Baskets   12' x 3' x 3'
134      8 x 10cm Custom Gabion  Baskets 9' x 3' x 3'
140      8 x 10cm Custom Gabion Baskets  6' x 3' x 3'
99        8 x 10cm Custom Gabion   Baskets 12' x 4.5'x 3'
3          8 x 10cm Custom Gabion  Baskets  6' x 4.5' x 3'
134      8 x 10cm Jumbo Gabion Mattress   12' x 6' x 1.5'

Galvanized wire with PVC coating.

The technical specification is as follows: 
Variety                       Heavily Galvanized Hot Dip Iron Wire
Wire Diameter     5.59 mm (#5 gauge)
4.19 mm (#8 gauge)                      
3.4 mm (#10 gauge)
Tensile strength         55 kg/mm2(BS 1052)
Elongation                  not greater than 12%
Tolerance                    Comply to ASTM  A-641-98
Zinc coating               Heavily galvanized (BS 443-82)
Packing               50kg coils

Gabion flexible, durable, economical as well as simple scalability is very suitable for people's habits, we can better to take advantage of their properties will certainly not miss.

Gabion baskets characteristics:
1. Flexibility: better than rigid structure. Different hexagonal construction permits natural adjustment without causing fracture or collapse of the Earth's structure solved condition.
2. Durability: the gap between the stones natural sedimentation over time. Siltation support the growth of grass and plants, as stone adhesive a service.
3, infiltration: gabion structure allows water through, water pressure can not build behind its structure constantly drained.
4. Flexibility: Flexibility gabion structure provides inherent strength to withstand and resolve the masses of water and earth pressure is applied.
5, Economy: Filling materials are usually found on or near the site. No repairs are necessary, the foundation work is usually unnecessary.
6, natural appearance: natural stone, so beautiful structure, especially after the occurrence of the plants grown.
7, simple: unskilled labor for quick assembly.
8. Maintenance: gabion structure is easy to maintain using additional mesh or grouting.
9, scalability: easy expansion. More units is attached to the existing ones.

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Gabion Basket Proposed Detail