customized and Modular Gabion System solutions

Gabions are flexible and permeable, suited for construction of: River bank retaining walls, coastal protection works, channel linings, revetments, weirs, reservoir closure, soil stabilisation and earth retention project, pool construction, flood control, rock fall drapery and other projects.

Gabions function in:
Control and guide of water or flood;
Flood bank or guiding bank;
Preventing of rock breaking;
Water and soil protection;
Bridge protection;
Strengthening structure of soil;
Coast protection;
Seaport engineering;
Protection engineering of seaside area;
Construction in mining industries;
Hillside protection and other applications.

Modular gabion system is a quick solution for retaining walls, earth retention, rock protection and other uses. In such system, gabions of standard wire containers, are uniformly partitioned of variable size. They are interconnected with other similar mesh cages to form retaining walls, channel linings and other gabion works. We also supply customized gabions according to site condition.

Typical Application / Projects Examples

Gabion box standard size for Slope protection and stabilization
Gabion Boxes for Oman contractor

Rip rap:
Loose stone rip-rap
Mortared stone rip-rap

Gabions 300mm thickness including membrane
Gabions 500mm thickness including membrane
Gabions 1000mm

For ditch Lining
Grouted stone ditch lining (thickness 200mm)


Gabions For Streambank Erosion Control Construction

Gabion revetments or ripraps are popularly used in control streambank erosion. In streambank protection projects, the velocities during everyday flows as well as the velocities during large storm events should be considered in the design process.

Streambank construction project in Greece:

MESH GREEN system, specifications are as follows:
Hexagonal mesh 8x10cm, 4m length, 1-3m width and 0.6m height.
Also heavily galvanized gabion boxes with mesh size 8x10cm and wire diameter 3mm.
The box dimensions 2x1x0.5 (with 1 diaphragm) and the tie wire must be included

Metallic Gabions with Geotextile for Italy Earth Retaining Work

Two kinds of gabions applied:
Gabion Box Supply for Mattresses metallic plasticized 6x8 wire 2.20/3.20 mm thickness 0.17/0.23/0.30 ms.
Mesh: Flexible hexagonal type metallic net 6X8, galvanized with Zinc - Aluminium (5%) - and covered by plastic material of nominal thickness 0,5 mm.

Box Gabions plasticized zinc coated 8x10 wire 2.70/3.70 mm

Mesh: Metallic gabions of double torsions hexagonal type net 8X10, having breakup strength between 350 and 500 Ns and least extension equal to 10%, having an equal diameter 2,70 mm, galvanized with Zinc - Aluminium (5%) - conforming to the EN 10244 - Class To with a non inferior quantity to 245 g s / m q. Besides such treatment, the wire will be covered by plastic material of grey colour that must have a nominal thickness of 0,5 mm, bringing the nominal external diameter to 3,70 mm.

Covering geotessile, non woven fabric for layer of separation constituted by fibres of polypropylene, least load of nominal breakup 18 K Ns / m for inferior deformation to 35%.

Gabions for Guatemala Flood Control

Wire break average, from 38 to 50 Kg/mm2
2.7 mm for the diameter wire mesh
3.4 mm for the diameter wire edges
Hexagonal double twisting mesh, intertwined wires 3 times half turn.
Dimensions of the mesh 8x10
Minimum resistance between edge wire and mesh, should be of 17.50 KN / M
Diaphragm cells placed every one meter

Minimum mass coating:
0 to 2.40 mm 240 (g/m2)
From 2.40 to 2.90 mm 260 (g/m2)
From 2.90 onwards 275 (g/m2)

Plastic Bags and Gabions for River Embankment in Afghanistan
Supply Box of Gabions for river embankment protection made of steel and consist of uniform rectangular wire mesh:
size 1 m x 1 m x 2 m ,
Weight 18 Kg ,
Wire diameter for gabions 4 mm,
Internal wire diameter 3 mm ,
Size of net hole 120 x 100 mm
Wire for fabrication and assembly is PVC (Polyvinyl chloride ) coated and hot dipped galvanized. The wire size includes the galvanized coating thickness.

HDPE ( High Density Polythene) / PP (Polypropylene) woven bags capacity to carry 50 Kg sand with details as under:
1. Width 50 cms (± 1 cm)
2. Height 120 cms (± 2 cm)
3. Weight 0.10 Kg/Bag (± 10%)

Gabions and Filter Cloth (for stabilization of earth movement and erosion)

For Yemen:

Gabion Baskets
Galvanized Coating with zinc Wire Mesh diameter of 3.4 mm

4x1x1 M
34x1x1 M
2x1x1 M
4x1x0.5 M
3x1x0.5 M
2x1x0.5 M

Connecting Wires D=2.4mm In Rolls 25 KG
Tool sets each contains 5 items: Fence cutter, Pliers, Pliers with nipper, Craw bar and nipper

GABIONS for Construction Projects, IN GREECE

Gabions applied:
Length 2,00m
Width 1,00m
Height 0,5m
Mesh Aperture 50x200mm
Wire Diameter 6mm (without the thickness of the zinc coating)
Corrosion Protection : zinc oating at 80-110my , 575-850gr/gm
Tensile stress of the gabions (filled) should be 25tons.

Length 1,00m
Width 1,00m
Height 0,5m
Mesh Aperture 50x200mm
Wire Diameter 6mm (without the thickness of the zinc coating)
Corrosion Protection: zinc oating at 80-110my , 575-850gr/gm
Tensile stress of the gabions (filled) should be 25tons.

River bank protection Project in Salvador

Gabions applied:
Welded gabion protection with 2.7mm gauge PVC treated material.
River velocity ( speed ) : 4 a 5 m3/seg
Maximum level of river : 485.00 msmm
Ground capacity : 2.5 Kg/cm2

Other latest application examples as below:

Wire Gabions for Philippines Plant Facilities;
Quarrier and fabricator of limestone and sandstone building projects;
USA Riprap for shoreline protection and erosion control for Engineer projects;
Gabion Basket for Mining Project (Gabion basket 1m x 1m x 2m for security of mine work projects);
Gabions for Democratic Republic of Congo (Gabions used to create walls for the inlet structure of the hydropower plant).

If you have any requirements for construction of river bank or slope protection projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

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