Quality Standards Applied for Gabions Mesh, Wire, PVC coating, galfan coating

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Gabion Mesh Standard
Gabion specifications for the construction of the bank protection work are to be with the IS-16014: 2012 "Mechanically woven, double twisted, hexagonal wire mesh Gabions, rivet mattresses and rock fill netting (Galvanized steel wire or galvanized steel wire with PVC coating) - Specifications. These specifications are mainly in accordance with International Standards EN 10223, EN 10244.

The gabion basket should be galvanized, double twist, hexagonal or square mesh , manufacturing according BS443, 1982 standards.

Galvanized Gabion Wire Standards
Gabion wire according to BS-1052 specification or ASTM;
Galvanize wire of Gabion according to BS-443 code or equal to ASTM;
All wires shall be galvanized in accordance with ASTM A153 (AASHTO M 232);
All wire shall conform to ASTM A 641:USA customer;
Steel wire conforming to BS 1052 for strength, tensile strength between 40-55kg/mm2;
Zinc coating conforms to BS443 minimum 275 gms/sq metre;
UAE meeting quality: BS 1052 GRADES;
Wire Tolerance: Comply to ASTM A-641-98;
Zinc coating: Heavily galvanized (BS 443-82);
Wire tensile strength between 350-500 MPa according to EN 10223-3;
Wire tolerances in accordance with EN10223-3;
Elongation not be less than 10%, in accordance with EN10223-3;
Adhesion of zinc: the adhesion of the zinc coating to the wire shall be such that, when the wire is wrapped six turns around a mandrel having four times the diameter of the wire, it does not flake or crack when rubbing it with the bare fingers, in accordance with ASTM A641-97 standard.

PVC Coated Gabions Standards
Tensile strength: the wire used for the manufacture of gabions shall have a tensile strength between 350-500 MPa according to EN 10223-3.
Wire tolerances in accordance with EN10223-3.
Elongation shall not be less than 10%, in accordance with EN10223-3.

P.V.C. (Polyvinyl Chloride) Coating
The technical characteristics and the resistance of the PVC to ageing meet the relevant standards. The main values for the PVC material are as follows:

Specific gravity: 1.30-1.35 kg/dm 3 in accordance with ASTM D792;
Hardness: between 50 and 60 Shore D, according to ASTM D 2240 –91;
Tensile strength: not less than 20.6 MPa, according to ASTM D412-92;
Modulus of elasticity: not less than 18.6 MPa, in accordance with ASTM D412-92;
Abrasion resistance: the percentage of the weight loss shall be less than 12%, according to ASTM D1242-92.
Creeping corrosion: max. penetration of corrosion of the wire from a square cut end shall be 1 in. (25 mm) when the specimen has been immersed for 2,000 hours in a 5% solution HCl (hydrochloric acid 12 Be).

Galfan Coating Standards Applied for Gabions
Wire: Galfan and PVC Galfan coated:
Coating heavy Zn-95%/Al-5% and an option for Zn-90%/Al-10%.

Gabions for Colombia Market Standard
All wires applied conform to:
New Zealand: EU or ASATM standards used in production


Export to Australia Standard

Mesh Type – Double twist hexagonal woven wire mesh in accordance to EN 10223-3
Mesh Size – The mesh openings shall be hexagonal and of nominal dimension of 80mm x 100mm and shall conform to EN10223-3
Mesh Wire – The nominal mesh wire for the body of the gabion shall be 2.7mm in diameter and of a nominal 3.4mm for the selvedge wire. The body wire, selvedge wire and lacing wire shall be in accordance with EN 10218-2 and EN10223-3


Technical Standard Applied to Galvanized Gabions for Gabion Project Implementation:
All wires shall be galvanized in accordance with ASTM A153 (AASHTO M 232).

The minimum weight of the zinc coating:

Diameter of Wire Minimum Weight of Coating gr/sq.m
2.0 mm 240
2.2 mm 240
2.4 mm 260
2.7 mm 260
3.0 mm 275
3.4 mm 275
3.9 mm 290

The adhesion of the zinc coating to the wire should be such that when the wire is wrapped six turns round a mandrel of 4 times the diameter of the wire, it does not flake or crack to such an extent that any zinc can be removed by rubbing with the bare fingers.

All wire used in the fabrication of the gabions and in the wiring operations during construction shall be mild steel wire having and average tensile strength of 45 kg/mm2.

All edges of gabions including end-panels and the diaphragms, if any, shall be mechanically selvedge in such a way as to prevent raveling of the mesh. The wire used for the selvedge shall have a diameter greater than that of the wire used for forming the mesh, namely: for gabions made of wire having a diameter of 3.0 mm the selvedge shall be of wire having a diameter equal to or greater than 3.9 mm.

Sufficient lacing and connecting wire shall be supplied for all the wiring operations to be carried out in the construction of the gabion work. The quantity of such wire is estimated to be 8-10 percent of the weight of the gabion basket supplied.

Gabions might incorporate diaphragms to form cells having a length not greater than one and a half times the width of the gabion.

A tolerance of ±2.5 percent is permitted on the diameters of all wires utilized.

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