Teyi supplies gabions and has help executed a variety of gabions work projects in many countries.
Listed please find technical references, that help understand how gabions work.
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Supply of gavion baskets for external wall, river training and infrastructure constructions:

  1. External wall detail for a large Energy from Waste Facility
  2. Zinc + PVC Coated Steel Box Gabions and Mattress, Mesh Type 10x12, for River Training Work
  3. Gabion Wall System
    Project to use rock basket gabions to form protective wall: gabions welded and fence netting design for the protective system.
  4. Revet project, constructed of gabiony box, mattress and geo fabric
  5. Double twisted wire mesh - 08X10 type - 270m 1,00m X 1,00m X 6 CD GABION BASKETS with Non-Woven Geotextiles
  6. Hog Ring Wire Staple with technical information for gabion fastening system

Supply and Delivery of Gabion Wall Cages for Construction of Plant Wall, Feature Wall, Bench Projects:

  1. Gabion Plant Wall Design;
  2. Framed Gabion Cage Parts for Bench;
  3. Details of Welded Wire Mesh Gabion Wall


Gabion Wire and Stone Veneer:

  1. Foundation
  2. Security Wall with Gabion Basket Veener
















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