Rock Fall Protection Netting

High strength wire mesh constitutes major parts of the rock netting security system.
Rock mesh roll length: 25 or 50 m or custom size.
Roll width: 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m or custom size.


Modular Gabions for Rockfall Netting System

Modular Gabions Systems provide essential protection where the continuous erosion of slopes and rockfaces where loose debris and falling rock may create a risk to lives and property.

The mesh does not secure loose debris in place but rather retains it between the slope and the mesh, allowing it roll to the foot of the slope without risk of injury or damage.

Rockfall netting is unrolled. or "draped," over the slope and secured with anchor bolts. Over time, rocks and debris will fall to the foot of the slope behind the steel mesh drapery. Rocks can then be collected in a trench of suitable dimensions, at the foot of the slope.

If desired, the gabions mesh can be secured both at the top of the slope and at the foot of the slope with high strenth cables. In this instance it is good practice to allow the lower cable to be loosened, in order that the collected debris can be removed safely.


Galvanized Wire Net Fencing
Heavy Zinc Galvanized Wire Mesh Rolls suitable for rock protection
6x8 mesh, mesh wire 2.7mm, selvedge wire 3.4mm
Supplied in mesh roll: 25 x 2m.


Galfan ( Aluminum and Zinc ) Wire Hexagonal Netting for Slope Protection System

8x10 hexagonal net, mesh wire 3.4 mm, selvedge wire 4.4mm


High Strength Rockfall Mesh Drapery
High tensile safety mesh drapery of double torsion wire mesh and cable
Covering system of double twisted mesh and high tensile steel cables, designed for rock consolidation project.


Project of Rock Debris Security Netting
TDS Rock Fall Protection Wire Mesh Net offering protection from rock debris falling


Quality Standard for Galfan Rock Mesh

Galfan coated double twisted steel wire mesh is popularly used as Rock fall net. The steel wire heavily galvanized with Galfan and the double twist woven flexible mesh structure can withstand the force of falling stones / rocks without breaking.

All wires are tested to meet or exceed following quality, prior to manufacturing the mesh:
1. Tensile strength: the wire used for the manufacture of rockfall net drapery shall have a tensile strength between 380-550 N/mm 2, above EN10223-3 standard.
2. Elongation: Elongation shall not be less than 10%, according
to EN10223-3.
3. Galfan coating: minimum quantities of galfan meet the requirement s of EN10244-2.
4. Adhesion of galfan: the adhesion of the galfan coating to the wire shall be such that, when the wire is wrapped six turns around a mandrel having four times the diameter of the wire, it does not flake or crack when rubbing it with the bare fingers, in accordance with EN10223-3.
5. Outwearing accelerated aging tes in accordance with EN ISO 6988.


Modular Gabions Rockfall Netting System

Modular Gabions Systems provide essential protection for slopes debris and falling rocks.

The mesh help retain the rock debris between the slope and the mesh, to avoid the risk of injury or damage caused by slope.

Rockfall netting is covered over the slope and secured with anchor bolts to form a steel mesh drapery.

Gabions mesh is secured both at the top of the slope and at the foot of the slope with high strength cables.

Besides Hexagonal Rock Mesh System, we also supply chain link / diamond mesh system:

SNS Active Slope Protection Net of Chain Link Mesh and Wire Rope

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