Hexagonal Gabion Mesh Machinery to Establish Gabion Producing Factory

We supply heavy hexagonal wire mesh machines and supporting equipment, tools, materials to our customers. We have help install and set up gabion mesh production lines in Africa, American, Russia and Asia. The main functional use of the Gabions are to serve as retaining wall, spur on river banks, drop structures in irrigation schemes, flexible aprons, revetment on gully faces & streams, channel lining and others. The gabions produced by our customers are widely used in regional soil and water conservation, irrigation and road construction projects.

As professional supplier of quality gabion mesh machine, we provide:
Detail technical data of the facility
Guaranteed brand new production line
Wire materials for net weaving if requested
On-line and personal professional installation and production training
Parts replacement
Problem shooting
Complete production line solution
Prompt delivery and after sales services.


Setting Up a Gabion Mesh Weaving Factory

Supplied with main weaving machine, accessory machine and parts, also recommended wires, wire mesh size and gabion size for production.

Machine Technical Features:

  • Machine makes netting from spring coil and bobbins;
  • Bobbin Winding and Spiral Winding machine are required to run the main machine;
  • Machine produces DOUBLE TWIST type wire mesh to avoid unraveling and dimensional stability;
  • Machine is run by pinion on the front and rear rack of the machine;
  • The wires which are fed from the bobbins and also from the spiral coil (prepared in spiral coiling machine) ;
  • When the length of netting reaches the desired length, the same is cut by scissor;
  • Smooth running, low noise;
  • Automatically stop and
  • Auto alarm signal.
  • Has automatic oil system
  • Has Infrared ray safety protection system
  • Out put of the machine Production 750-1000 square meters per hour
  • Tool box with set of tools
  • Spare parts for one year


Automatic Gabion Mesh Weaving Machine

Hexagonal Mesh Production Line for Gabions, Box, Mattress Production


The proposed machines are to make different mesh sizes. The detail specifications:
a) Mesh sizes:
    50 X70 mm and multiple of it
    60 x 80mm and multiple of it
b) Max. Netting width: 4300mm;
c) Max. Galvanized wire diameter: 3-4mm;
d) Max PVC wire diameter: 4.1-5.1mm;
e) Power: Approximately 22kW;
f) Size: Approximately 7200 x 1400 x 2400mm;
g) Weight: Approximately 15 Metric tons;
h) Machine output: 400 - 700 square m/hr;
i) Automatic stop system (optional) (when the coiling finished or
Wire broken, the machine will stop automatically);
j) Infrared ray safety protection system (optional);
k) Automatic oil system.

Mesh Opening (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum wire Diameter (MM) PVC coated wire Diam. (mm) Out put (meter/hour ) Overall size L x W x H (mm) Total Weight
Motor Power
50*70 4300 3 4 150 7200 x
1400 x
15 22
60*80 4300 3 4 165 15 22



Mesh Opening(mm) Maximum Width(mm) Maximum Wire Diameter (mm) No. of Twist Speed Motor power weight
Mesh/Min Meter/Hour
50x70 2300  3 3 25 150 11 Kw 12 tons
3300 3 3 25 150
4300 3 3 25 150
60x80 2300 3 3 25 165 11 kw 12 tons
3300 3 3 25 165
4300 3 3 25 165



Coiling Machine serves to make wires into form of coils to be used as weft wires, on the Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine for purpose of producing hexagonal screens.

Parameters Values
No. of coiling spindles 4
Dia. of coiling shaft 10,12,16mm
Suitable for wire diameters 0.38-0.90mm
Total Weight 350kg
Power 1.5kw



Wire Winding Machine serves to wind black iron or galvanized iron wire from bundles on Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine or Wire Screen Looms.

Parameters Values
No. of bobbin spindles 4
Suitable for wire diameters 480 mm
Suitable for wire diameters 0.38-0.90mm
Total Weight 650kg
Power 1.5kw



Parameters Values
Working width 400mm
Wire Diameter 5mm
Out put 8.5m/minute
Power 3kw
Roller Speed 20 turns/minute
Size ( LXWXH) 5050X1450X1600 mm



Parameters Values
Maximum Shearing Wire Diameter 6 mm
Shearing angle 10301
Number of stroke 10
Power 7.5 kw
Weight approximate 10 tons
Size 4640X1705X1700 mm



Parameters Values
Maximum packing size 2000X1060X1000mm
power 5.5 kw
Working pressure 0.3 to 0.6 Mpa
Total weight Approximately 1500 kg
Exterior Size 2340X1200X3900mm



Parameter Values
Adjusting range of wire Diameter 3 to 5 mm , length cutting of wire is adjustable within 3.5 m
Moving wire speed 28m/minute
Total power 3kw
Exterior size 5000X400X1000 mm
Height Approximately 300kg



The proposed mild steel mesh wire galvanized, according to SABS 675 of 1993 standard, with the specification shown below:

Wire Size in mm Tensile Strength Elongation Galvanized amount (g/sq m)
2.2 200-400 MP 12% 220
2.5 >>  >>  250
2.7 >>  >>  260
3.0 >>  >>  260
3.4 >>  >>  260


GABION WIRE MESH MACHINE is used to produce following hexagonal netting products:

The machines are to produce galvanized and PVC coating Gabion.
For galvanized mesh, the diameter of the wire shall be 2.2 mm-4.0mm.

For PVC coated hexagonal wire, the wire with coating, diameter from 3.0 mm to 4.5 mm.

Recommended aperture size for the hexagonal wire mesh and diameter for wire to be used in the proposed factory is indicated on the table below.

Nominal aperture size
( Mesh opening) in MM
Wire gauge in mm The inner wire diameter / outer wire diameter in mm Roll width(M)
50 * 70 2.2-3.0 2.2/3.2-3.0/4.0 4.3
60* 80 2.4-3.5 2.4/3.4-3.2/4.2 4.3


The mesh above is used for construction of following gabions:

Standard Size of Gabions Units
Gabion boxes made of heavy hexagonal wire nettings, subject to tolerance of 3 percent, more or less for size

Galvanized Gabions, Gabions 6 and 9 inches thick:
a) Length in multiples of individual compartments: 3 feet (0.9M~1M)
b) Width, minimum: 6 feet (1.8M)
c) Wire mesh woven into double or triple twisted hexagonal openings 2.25 inches by 3 Inches with tolerance of 0.25 inch.
d) Galvanized wire is required.

PVC coated Gabions, Gabions 12, 18, 24, and 36 inches thick:
a) Length in multiples of individual compartments: 3 feet (1.8M~2M).
b) Width minimum: 3 feet (0.9M)
c) Wire mesh: Woven into double or triple twisted hexagonal
openings 3 inches by 4.25 inches with tolerance of 0.25 inch.
d) PVC coating is required

Recommended size for the Gabion shall be 1m* 1m* 0.5m, 2m*1m*0.5m, 2m*1m*1m, 4m*1m*0.5m and 4m*1m*1m.

The size of the Gabion and Rock particle size relation as follow:

Gabion basket or Mattress height in inches Predominant rock size in inches Minimum rock dimension in inches Maximum Rock dimension in inches
Basket: 12, 18, 36 4 to 8 4 8
Mattress: 6, 9, 12 3 to 5 3 5

At least 85 percent of the rock particles, by weight, shall be within the predominant rock size range.

The minimum technical specification for different types of wires to manufacture Gabion depend on the Gabion basket height as indicated below:

A. Minimum Requirement for Gabion basket height 12, 18, or 36 inches
Type of wire Mesh size (inch) Wire Diameter(Inch) PVC coating(Inch) Total Diameter(Inch) Galvanized Coating oz/SF
Lacing Wire   0.086 0.02 0.126 0.70
Mesh 3X3
Spiral Binder/slevage   0.153 0.02 0.145 0.80
B. Minimum Requirement for Gabion basket height 6, 9, or 12 inches
Lacing Wire   o.086 0.02 0.126 0.70
Mesh 1.5 X3 0.086 0.02 0.120 0.70
Spiral Binder/Slevage   0.153 0.02 0.145 0.80


Gabion Production Lines We Exported

Gabions machines export for USA Factory
Gabion machines, for processing salvage wire dia 4.2mm, mesh wire dia. 3.4mm.
Spiral coiling machine with 6 rods.
Net sheet straightening machine.
Stitching machine for 4 mtr. Length and 1 mtr. Length each.
Bundling machine.
Net sheet cutting machine.

Complete set of machinery export to Dubai
Complete set of machinery for making gabion mesh of size 80x100 and 100x120.
The mesh are for producing gabion boxes and mattresses.

Gabion Machine with Winding Machine to Algeria
Gabion Machine Model RK6080 2.4 ( Mesh size 60x80, Width 2400 mm)
Winding machine: KS1200

Gabion Mesh, Box, Mattress Machine Exported to Russia
The machinery is an assemblied production line for producing of gabion wire netting, gabion boxes and mattresses. Including: spiral coiling machine, payoff netting straightening machine, mesh sheet cutting machine, twisting and winding machine, wire straightening and cutting machine for selvedge wire, netting border reinforcing device.

The machine can produce following box gabions and mattress nettings:
Gabion wire netting boxes for Russia market


Mattress of net mesh produced by gabion production line exported to Russia


Quality Assurance

We supply technical specification with all the necessary supporting drawings, catalogue, brochures, past performance record and quality assurance certificate for the Gabion mesh Machines.

With rich experiences in this field, we can help with proposal preparation and minor modification to suit different Gabion wire mesh factory requirement, we can provide adequate justification.

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