Gabion Basket RETAINING Wall

We supply gabion cage baskets and mattresses retaining wall system.

Gabion cage wall:

Gabion rock wall of metal wire cage baskets
Zinc galvanized, pvc coated gabion wall cages

Mattress Gabion Wall:

Cylindrical galfan mattress retaining wall for erosion control
Mattress units wall, galfan alum zinc coated, powder coated


Why Gabions Retaining Wall?

Gabions Retaining Walls are cylindrical biodegradable basket layers bound together with twisted and reinforced galvanized or PVC coated wire mesh. Gabion wall is used to reduce soil erosion and create a microclimate for vegetation establishment. All mild steel wire material is heavily zinc coated. A thick PVC coating is applied to the galvanized wire to provide added corrosion resistance protection for seaside areas and long time exposure to air. Reinforced gabions for retaining wall are manufactured in hexagonal woven wire mesh grid.

Gabion wall is free-draining structure constructed by filling large baskets with broken stone.
Woven mesh gabions have flexible structures for holding rocks and suit varies field conditions.


Gabions Retaining Wall System

The work including assembling, and filling wire mesh gabions with rock.

PVC 8x 10 cm Custom Gabion 12' x 3' x 3'
PVC 8x 10 cm Custom Gabion 9x3x3'
PVC 8x 10 cm Custom Gabion 6x3x3'
PVC 8x 10 cm Custom Gabion 12x4.5x3'
PVC 8x 10 cm Custom Gabion 6x4.5x3'
PVC 8x10 cm Jumbo Gabion Mattress 12x6x1.5'
Stainless steel hog rings packed in boxes, 1600/box
Pneumatic hog ring gun
Geotextile fabric 15' x 300'
Metal staples: 6 "

A. Wire (Zinc Coated)

  1. Tensile strength: both the wire used for the manufacture of the gabions and the lacing wire, shall have a maximum tensile strength of 75,000 psi, in accordance with ASTM A641
  2. Elongation: the test must be carried out on a sample at least 12in. long. Elongation shall not be less then 12%, in accordance with ASTM A370-97a
  3. Zinc coating: minimum quantities of zinc according to ASTM A641, Class III soft temper coating
  4. Adhesion of zinc coating: the adhesion the zinc coating to the wire shal be such that, when the wire is wrapped six times around a mandrel having four times the diameter of the wire, it does not flake or crack when rubbing it with the bare fingers, in accordance with ASTM A641.

B. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Coating

  1. Specific gravity: 81-84 pcf in accordance with ASTM D792-00, Table 1
  2. Hardness: between 60 and 60 Shore D, according to ASTM D 2240-04
  3. Tensile strength: not less than 2, 985 psi, according to ASTM D412-98a
  4. Abrasion resistance: the percentage of weight loss shall be less than 12%, according to ASTM D1242-95A.
  5. Heat Aging Test: prior to UV and abrasion degradation, the PVC polymer coating shall have a projected durability life of 60 years when tested in accordance with UL 746B
  6. The accelerated aging tests to be per formed:
    a, Salt spray test: test period 3, 000 hours, test method ASTM B117-97
    b, Exposure to UV rays: test period 3, 000 hours at 145 degrees F, test method ASTM D1499-99 and ASTM G152-00
    c, Brittleness temperature: no higher than 15 degrees F, when tested in accordance with ASTM D746-04.
  7. Results of the aging test shall be as follows:
    a, Appearance of coated mesh: no cracking, stripping or air bubbles and no appreciable variation in color.
    b, Specific gravity: variations shall not exceed 6%
    c, Hardness: variationg shall not exceed 10%
    d, Tensile strength: variationg shall not exceed 25%
    e, Modulus of elasticity: variations shall not exceed 25%
    f, Abrasion resistance: variations shall not exceed 10%
    g, Brittleness temperature: shall no exceed +64 degrees

C. Galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh basket gabions (8x10 mesh type)

  1. PVC coating thickness: Nominal -0.02 in., Minimum-0.015 in.
  2. Lacing Wire: Diameter -0.106 in internal, 0.146 in. external
  3. Selvedge Wire: Diameter - 0.134 in. internal, 0.174 in. external
  4. Mesh Opening: Nominal Dimension D=3.25 in.

D. Galvanized and pvc coated lacing wire and internal stiffeners.

  1. PVC coating thickness: Nominal - 0.02 in., Minimum -0.015 in.
  2. Lacing wire: Diameter - 0.087 in internal, 0.127 in. external
  3. Cross Tie/Stiffener Wire: Diameter- 0.087 in internal, 0.127 in. external
  4. Preformed Stiffener: Diameter - 0.134 in, internal, 0.174 in. external

E. Steel Mesh properties

  1. Mesh Tensile strength: Minimum strength of 2900 lb/ft when tested in accordance with ASTM A975 section 13.1.1
  2. Punch Test Resistance: Minimum resi stance of 5300 lb when tested in accordance with ASTM A975 13.1.4
  3. Connection toselvedges: Mini9mun resistance of1200 lb/ft when tested in accordance with ASTM A975

F. Overlapping Fasteners: Over lapping stainless steel fasteners may be used in lieu of, or to complement, lacing wire for basket assembly and installation, The spacing of the fasteners during all phases of assembly and installation shall be in accordance with spacing based on 1200 lbs/ft pull apart resistance for PVC coated mesh when tested in accordance with ASTM A975 secction 13.1.2 and with nominal spacing of 4 in., and not to exceed 6 in.

  1. Stainless steel fasteners:
    a, Diameter -0.120 in according to ASTM A313, Type 302, class I.
    b, Tensile strength- 222, 000 to 253, 000 psi in accordance with A313.


A. wire: Zinc coating, in accordance with ASTM A641, Class III soft temper coating.
B. Gabions: plus or minus 5% on the length, width, and height.
C. Mesh opening: Tolerances on the hexagonal, double twisted wire mesh opening shall not exceed plus or minus 10% on the nominal dimension D.

A. Gabions shall be manufactured and shipped with all components mechanically connected at the production facility. The front, base, and lid of the gabions shall be woven into a single unit. The ends and diaphragm(s) shall be factory connected to the base. All perimeter edges of the mesh forming the basket and top, or lid shall be selvedged with wire having a larger diameter.
B. The gabion is divided into cells by means of diaphragms positioned at approximately 3 ft centers. The diaphragms shall be secured in position to the base so that no additional lacing is necessary at the jobsite.

The rock for gabions shall be hard, angular to round, durable and of such quality that they shall not disintegrate on exposure to water or weathering during the life of the structure.

Gabion rocks shall range beween 4 in. and 8 in. The range in sized shall allow for a variation of 5% oversize and/or 5% undersize rock, provided it is not placed on the gabion exposed surface.

The size shall be such that a minimum of three layers of rock must be achieved when filling the gabions.



Assemble the units individually by erecting the sides, ends, and diaphragms ensuring that all panels are in correct position, and the tops of all sides are aligned. The four corners shall be connected first, followed by the internal diaphragmas to the outside walls, All connection should use lacing wire or fastener

The first lopping of the lacing should secure the lacing to the wire mesh. Proceed to lace with alternating double and single loops through every mesh opening approximately every 6 in., pulling each loop tight and finally securing the end of the lacing wire to the wire mesh by looping and/or twisting.

The fasteners shall be used in proper way.


Gabions are to be carried to their final position and then securely joined together along the vertical and top edges of their contact surfaces using the same connecting procedure as described above.

Whenever a structure requires more than one layer, the upper empty baskets shall also be connected to the top layer of the lower layer along the front and back edges of the contact surface using the same connecting procedure as described above.


During the filling operation some manual stone placement is required to minimize voids. The exposed faces of vertical structures may be carefully hand placed to give a neat, flat, and compact appearance. Care shall be taken when placing fill material to ensure that the sheathing on the PVC coated baskets is not damaged.

The cells shall be filled in stages so that local deformation may be avoided. That is, at no time shall any cell be filled to a depth exceeding 1-foot higher than the adjoining cell, Slightly overfill the baskets by 1 to 2 in. to allow for settlement of the rock. Behind gabion walls, compact the backfill material simultaneously to the same level as the filled gabions.


A. Preformed stiffeners or lacing wire can be used as internal connecting wires when a structure requires more than one layer of gabions to be stacked on top of each other. Internal connecting wires with lacing wire shall connect the exposed face of a cell to the opposite side of the cell. Internal preformed stiffeners shall connect the exposed face of a cell to the adjacent side of the cell. Preformed stiffeners are installed at 45 degrees to the face/side of the unit, extending an equal distance along each side to be braced. An exposed face is any side of a gabion cell that will be exposed or unsupported after the structure is completed.

3 Feet High Gabions: Connecting wire/bracings shall be installed after the placement of each layer, that is, at 1 foot high and 2 feet high.

1. 5 Feet High Gabions: These unita shall be filled in two layers, 9 in. high at a time. Connecting wires shall be installed after the placement of the first layer.

Once the gabion baskets are completely full, the lids will be pulled tight until the lid meets the perimeter edges of the basket. A tool such as a lid closer can be used. The lid must be tight laced an /or fastened along all edges, ends, and tops of diaphragm(s).

Mesh Cutting And Folding

The gabions shall be cut, folded and fastened together to suit site conditions. The mesh must be cleanly cut and surplus mesh either folded back or overlapped so that it can be securely fastened together with lacing wire or fasteners. Any reshaped gabions shall be assembled, installed, filled, and closed properly as instructed.


Gabions Retaining Wall of Gabion Mattress

Gabion mattresses shall be of the hexagonal wire mesh type, with mesh dimensions of 60x80mm between the twisted wires. Wire shall be galvanized prior to weaving the mesh to resist corrosion from water.

All wires used in the fabrication of the gabion and in the wiring operation during construction shall be in accordance with BS 1052: 1980 (1986) Mild Steel Wire having a tensile strength of 38 - 50 kg/mm2. The sizes of the wires shall be in accordance with the table below.

All wires shall be galvanized to BS 443: 1982 Zinc coating on steel wire' with the minimum weight of zinc coating in accordance with the table below.

  Diameter (mm) Minimum weight of zinc coating g/m2
Mesh wire 2.7 260
Binding and connecting 2.2 240
Selvedge Wire 3.4 275

The gabion mattresses shall be of the following standard sizes:
3m x 2m x 0.3m
4m x 2m x 0.3m
5m x 2m x 0.3m

The gabion mattresses shall be provided with diaphragms to divide the boxes in compartments with a maximum dimension of any direction of 1m.

Joints shall be flexible and shall consist of not less than one and a half full turns of wire at each mesh point of the joint line.

Rockfill for gabions shall consist of hard durable clean rock derived from a quarry approved by the Engineer.

The maximum size shall be 220 mm and the minimum size 120 mm. Up to 10% of some smaller blinding material (minimum 75 mm) to fill the internal voids at the top will be allowed.

After filling with rock the tops shall be closed and securely tied. The larger rocks shall be placed on the upper face of the gabion in order to present a reasonably closed surface. All assembly, erection, stretching, filling with rock and final filling shall be in accordance with the instructions as issued by the manufacturer. Measurement for gabions shall include all excavation, tipping and filling.


Gabion Retaining Wall Baskets and Mattresses

The metal wire mesh retaining wall baskets and mattresses are manufactured from Class A galvanized mild tensile steel wire in accordance with SANS 675 specification;
The baskets and mattresses are manufactured in strict accordance with the SANS 1580;
Mesh is hexagonal in shape 80x100mm mesh aperture for gabions;
Mesh selvedge wire of 3.4mm diameter;
Baskets are provided with lace wire.

Size of baskets:
2x1x1 -2m3;
3x1x1 3m3;
4x1x1 4m3;
1x1x0.5 0.5m3;
2x1x0.5 1m3;
3x1x0.5 1.5m3;
4x1x0.5 2m3;
6x2x0.5 6m3;
1.5x1x1 1.5m3;
2x0.5x0.5 0.5m3;
4x0.5x0.5 1m3.

River Mattresses:
2x1x0.3 - 0.6m3;
3x1x0.3 - 0.9m3;
4x1x0.3 - 1.2m3;
6x2x0.17 - 2.04m3;
6x2x0.23 - 2.76m3;
6x2x0.30 - 3.60m3.

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